Love Again

(Narrative Poem)by: Gabrielle Mae Co

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! The time takes super slow

Yawning waiting for the end of the show

Thinking on what to do next two hours

My phone rang, perplexly, your name popped out

One! Two! Three! I starred our my Chat Box

Without picture you said ‘Good morning, by!’

“What?” says I. “Who the hell are you?”

As I questioned everything in my life

You just surprisingly sprouted in my life

“Who are you? Why did you know me?” I said

So many questions but you are here now

Little did I know another chapter has begun

One morning you greet me ‘Good morning”

You will remind me to eat breakfast

You’ll also remind me to eat my lunch

Every time I leave you’ll “Ingat ka!”

You’ll also inform me when you leave

We’re never together even a second

I think I’m falling for you but I can’t

It is not you are my type in guys

It is not you do not have the looks

Or the body that many woman dreamed

I know distance doesn’t matter on love

Not the age, nor the height or the money

It is just I’ am afraid of love

I’m sorry but I choose to guard my heart

You have that special place in my heart, dear.

But I’ am afraid to ask. “Who are we?”

I’m sorry if I fail to love again

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