Animal Lover

(A-Z)by: Melanie Rigor

ANDREW have a friend named astrid they are so sweet . One day they are going to BEACH to having a bonding each other.Andrew have a feeling to astrid but astrid didn’t know it until andrew have a CHANCE to say about his feeling to astrid but he is thinking if what he can DO because it is not EASY because he didn’t konw if what will happen when he say it or what is the reaction of astrid.Andrew thinking of what will happen like astrid FAR a way from him . When andrew is GOING to astrid he can’t go. In the morning he meet astrid and he HUG him. Astrid was shock , she didn’t have an IDEA ,astrid JAB andrew and she’s laughing then andrew getting MAD and they didn’t talk each other for almost two days then she NEEDED to talk thats why astrid mke a plan to talk each OTHER and astrid said can we talk lets go to the park and I will treat you from my OWN money but andrew have a pride but they are going to PARK . They aee going to anywhere until the evening was coming . They are going to home cam i ask you something but don’t getting angry ,sure Your looks like QUEENI know right , okay what it is? He SAID his feeling to astrid UNTIL he VERIFY that if astrid have a feelings also and Astrid said that I WANT is you never hurt me. After one year andrew give a XYLOPHONE because this is her favorite then bacause they 1 YEAR they are going to ZOO because andrew is animal lover.

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