Cat and Dog

(A-Z)by: Kristine Valentino

Annabelle loves to read books. The story she read is about A Cat and A Dog . The cat and the dog loves to Eat Fish , the cat and the dog are the best of friends , the dog give a Gift to the cat , the Cat Haunt A rat in the house of the master, Her Master is an Indian National , Their is a full of milk in the jug, The Jug is in the Kitchen , the cat and the dog loves to drink milk, the cat is in the kitchen and she found a nuts and fried Octopus and she eat it. While the dog is Playing Piano in the leaving room. His Master coming out of the Car and the dog quickly run from his Master and when His Master saw his dog running. After her she give a sweetsmile to his dog and hug but one day the dog and the cat and their master are went to the zoo and they saw different kinds of animal the cat saw Tiger and Her Master buy Umbrella to the Vendor to Protect them from direct sunlight they are so many people in the zoo because they watch Different Animals and that day , they Celebrating X-Mass day, The dog find a boy playing Yoyo while the cat saw Zebra. And that day the dog , the Cat and their moster are so happy and they have a big smile in their face.

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