Volcanoes of Boreas Islands

by: Niña Mae Buerano

In the north of the Pacific Ocean, lies the 2 wonderful Boreas islands. Where there was an island named Lahrya, that has a wonderful but dangerous volcano, named Accano. It is a very active volcano, it erupts almost within every March, June, September and December. Almost every start of the season they change thier houses because when it erupts, the whole island are almost cover by its lava or lahar. And the people will evacuate on its neighbor island, Pakischi. It has also a wonderful volcano, but opposite at the Accano volcano, the Acormire volcano was extinct long, long time ago.
After the first earthquake in the last month of spring, Shine decided to evacuate early at the Pakischi island with her little sister, Mazey. While packing the things they need Mazey ask “why don’t we just stay at the Pakischi island, so that we don’t leave our house every time Accano volcano erupts?” Shine just sigh and say “just pack all the things you need”. And the wind of silence blown between them.
After they packed the items they need, they come out to their house and the ground start to shake. Then all the villagers immediately drop and cover their head with their hands. It feels like you are shaking by someone with grate force that can make you dizzy. Mazey still feel fear every time it quakes or when the volcano erupts. She look at the villagers and see the fear in thier faces and also in her elder sister, even they experience it every time Mount Accano erupts. That’s why she didn’t understand, why they still live in an island that full of danger. In an island who destroy their houses, destroy their livelihoods and families. The earthquake stops quick, but Mazey felt like every time it quake it last longer and longer and longer before it stop.
At the quayside, some of the villagers are there, line up to get on boats going to Pakischi island to evacuate. “Gladly, we came early” Shine whispered to Mazey after they sitted at the boat. But Mazey didn’t reply, instead she was looking at the volcano, emmiting smoke clouds that dark as the smoke of an old car. Shine staring at Mazey, she felt the lonelines in her eyes.
“You’re like the smoke coming out from the Mount Accano,”Mazey spoke “at first I thought, you were just a smoke, like the smoke from burning leaves or a smoke coming from the cars in town. But no, there is much deeper reason why people are scared. Because the smoke is hidding really hot substances, such as ashes and poisonous gases”, Mazey said. She look at her elder sister and inquire, “so, what is that substances you were hidding in so many years?”. “You don’t understand, until it happened to you or you saw it”. Shine replied with a grief in her voice and in her eyes. “At first, I don’t also understand why” Shine said and then all the pain are flashback in her mind.
Fist month of winter, 2010, Mazey was just 1 year old. And Mount Accano erupted suddenly, with no signs. They don’t really prepared because they thought it only erupt every last month of every season. All the villager was panicking every where under the ash fall, and the siren was ringing over the island. Their mother gave Mazey to Shine, “take care of your sister”, she said then leaved. “Where are you going Mom?” Shine shouted. “I’m going to find your father, you should go now to Pakischi island” she replied. And their mother was gone in the rain of ashes. Although Shine was confused, she run to the quayside, but there’s already many frighten and panicking people there, waiting for the boats. Several minutes ago, the boats came but there were no mother and father came back. Until the second month of winter, when they can now come back to Lahrya island. They received a news that their mother and father were the two of the people who got in time by the pyroclatic flow. Shine came home with these bad news together with Mazey, while walking home they saw the houses destroyed by the eruption of the volcano. Shine was so problematic, because if the houses of their neighbor was destroyed, also their house. But she was wrong, their house was still standing with no damages, only the ashes in the roof.
“According to the history, it was the first record that the Mount Accano erupted in the first month of the season”. Jino interrupts, the guy with eye glasses in their front seat. Shine and Mazey just stare at him. “Oops! Sorry, I just wanted to say that where here” he said then smoke and leave. They already in the Pakischi island, but Mazey still don’t understand.
They checked in and they arranged their items. After a few hours, they hear some people screaming from the out side. They come outside and saw the Mount Acormire erupting.
“Is it possible that the two volcanoes of Boreas islands are erupting?” Mazey shouted over the noises of the feared people. “But the Mount Accano doesn’t erupting when we leave” Shine replied. “Do you think we should go back?” Mazey asked. “I don’t know” Shine answered. And the two totally start to panic when some rocks coming from the volcano falls down.
Because of the people panicking, the two was separated with each other. And when Shine found Mazey, she saw a rock falling to Mazey. Shine run fast and shove Mazey away, so Mazey avoid the rock but Shine didn’t. She was pin down by the hot and heavy rock. Mazey is going to her sister, but Jino stop her and drag her away to a boat together with other villagers.
They see the volcanoes of Boreas islands erupting from the boat while floating away. And they were rescued by a ship passing by.
Then a month later, Mazey and other came back at there house in the Lahrya island. She saw their house and her family, smiling and waving at her. She then realized, when the tears in her eyes falls down. Maybe the reason why they don’t leave this place, is because in here, they felt like they are with their families, even though their gone.

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