Lonely Heart

(Imagine) by: Gabrielle Mae Co

As I closed my eyes I felt a pinch in my heart. Heavier and heavier, hurtful to worst. I felt a breeze wind of afternoon sun. When suddenly I was there again. A place where my heart longs. A place where my heart belongs. Everything went clearer as crystal. No words came out but “I missed this place.” Slower and slower my heart felt so much comfort again. I take a deep breath as I close my eyes. All I can hear was children laughing and enjoying the sunset with their little games. “criiiiing!” And I answered the call. “Where are you?” “In the bench, under the tree.” I said. He laughed. Minutes passed. A sweet warm arm embraced me. Once again, I felt so much love. “STOP.” And suddenly I missed everything in that place again. Even him.

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(Vignette)by: Rachel Sebastian

They always us that one day we would move in a real dream house. A dream house that would be someday. Our house is white and around the house have tree and beautiful flowers. House is full of unforgettable memories and always happy.

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The Map

(Narrative Poem)by: Rachel Sebastian

Where love is everything

And yours is so well known

That life can bring

Your never feel alone

Here, hopes and dreams

Are always on the rise

When you’re with family

You’re helped to see

Life through loving eyes

Families are special too us

Your families is too

Families are people

Who care about you

When were together

Or far, far apart

The people i love

Fill the map of my heart

Because the family complete the map

Map that every map is always light to us

Even if their our life

We will overcome everything in life

All the least you can do is to trust to

God Always pray to God

Noble Fight

(Sonnet)by: Rachel Sebastian

My father has from Ireland and laid bride

I’ll say when next i hear of the old seed

While honest works is bouthless in the sticks

The emperors walk over us unshod

Just call me james its all the same

In families obsure of pedigree

Our mother came to weed for bread not fame

For common folk, are choices even free?

The rebelen know what preasant life was for

A careful band night indirecy write

With not a word for grueous cost of war

So what say you to this our nobel fight

Your ragged rabble steal their clothes to wear

And will be seen the nothing fresh laid bare.