(Vignette) by: Niña Mae Buerano

When I was a child, my grandparents always telling me the story of Mt. Liwayway, that make me believed that this mountain was full of mystery and enchantment. They say, it was once a village and the name of this mountain is from the garden stood within it. That garden was build to protect that village and also the world, but the people was scared to its power, so they destroy it and the darkness filled the world. The owner of the garden sacrificed her own life to protect the world, that once betrayed her. This story is known in every part of the world… I’m no longer a child now and I’m no longer believed that story. Until I saw it in my own eyes. The story that always making the mountain full of mystery and enchantment.

Green Rose

by: Niña Mae Buerano

Few minutes ago our teacher said to close our eyes and imagine something or someone.

I imagined, there is a white flower vase with blue ink design on it. The design was a flower between the leaves that located at the body of the white flower vase. The vase has fresh green roses with very green leaves and stems. And the vase was put at the middle of the table.

The Road

by: Merren Cabungason

I close my eyes and I imagined that I was in the street walking around the road challenging myself to accept everything in this world that life is like a road you would experience many things, you will try but sometimes you cry but I’m still alive I found in my image finding or make a way for me but not also for me but for all the people teach me and helping me to be better and good future.